Gold Nugget Sams


Our chapter began back in January 1977, in Sonora, Ca., (Tuolumne county), with a group of four couples and soon began to grow and prosper and thus decided to begin a Good Sam Chapter.  As the chapter grew it continues to emphasize friendship, fun, and service to others.  We do our campouts once a month, usually the first or second week of any month rangingfrom February to November.  We are not restricted to any specific area or mileage limits.  Our outings usually consist of 4 - 5 days, Monday - Friday.  We play cards, fish, go sightseeing, play games, have potlucks, and do charity work and socializing.

Gold Nugget Sams is always looking for new members to enjoy the fun and excitement of our campouts. ....Come give us a try, you will be happy you did.  Contact information listed below.

Chapter Officers - 2019

President................................Walter Weight         Ph. 916-548-3141      


Vice President.......................Rudy Lago 


Secretary/Treasurer...........Sharon Murray

Wagon Master/Newcomer chair person.................Walter  Weight

916 548-3141






2019 Campout Season

The Gold Nugget Sams chapter is gearing up for the 2019 campout year. and very anxious to get started.  We have a full schedule ready to go and plans for activities and fun and friendship within .

We are still seeking new membership in the chapter and providing everyone with all the excitement that our chapter provides at all campouts. We have no major travel limitions, just within Northern California.  Our hosts are all set to get the weeks schedules prepared.

Our chapter is a senior citizen group and go out once a month, usually the first or second week of any month scheduled. These campouts usually go for 4-5 days during the week, usually Monday-Friday.

At our rallies we visit,fish,golf,sight see, play games, do crafts and most of all love to have our potlucks during that week. A sample of the 2019 schedule is listed below for you to review.

If you are interested in joining this fun filled chapter, or have any questions/concerns about the chapter, please contact our chapter newcomer chairperson, Jim Guiles at: 916 671-4990 or e-mail him at

Also, please check out our chapter photos below.


Our chapter just completed its first campout of the season at The Lakes RV/Golf resort in Chowchilla California. The weather was great outside of a few showers during the week. Everyone had a great time with plenty of social time, food, free golf along with evening cards and games. We were excited that our newest member showed up for a day visit with  us and we picked up a new couple  joining the chapter.

The chapter is still accepting new members so if you wanna have fun, contact Jim Guiles at 916 671-4990 for details.......don't miss out on all the fun.













AUG............... CASA De FRUITA






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