El Dorado Sams

El Dorado Sams was officially chartered by the Good Sam Club on December 5, 1989, and is beginning its 29th year, and going strong.   The chapter began with a small band of fellow RVers which began to grow as other RVers heard about the chapter and the fun that they shared during their outings. It has grown to 32 rigs and nearly 60 people  at the present time.

The members are a fun- loving group of  friends that enjoy indoor and outdoor games, golf, Bocce ball, and fishing.  We do craft projects that are easy and intiguing.  We share meals together, by going as a group to a local restaurant or having a delicious potluck dinner.  Best of all, we truly enjoy each others company either when involved in an activity or by just sitting back and relaxing.  This camaraderie is what makes us...El Dorado Sams

If what you see here interests you and you think that you would want to be a part of our chapter, then please contact our membership chairman, and VP, Ron Nepstead.  We are always open to having new members join us.


Chapter Officers - 2018

President..................Wayne Wall          Ph. 530-677-0985                                   

                                     email, bonway42@att.net

Vice President.........Ron Nepstead     Ph. 916-337-9309                                   

                                     email, rnepstead@sbcglobal.net

Secretary..................Lori Bryan             Ph. 530-306-6448                                  

                                     email, lbryan1887@yahoo.com

Treasurer................. .Anne Blake            Ph. 916-747-7622                                  

                                     email, ablakeca@gmail.com

Wagonmistress.....Anne Hernandez  Ph. 530-409-7894                                  

                                    email, prncesanne11@gmail.com

2018 - Campout Schedule


  • January                                 Open
  • February                    2/8/18 Luncheon       Mimi's Restaurant,Folsom
  • March                         3/18 thru 3/22             French Camp RV Pa
  • April                            4/08 thru 4/12           Gilroy  Garlic USA RV Park April                                      4/26 thru   4/28          NorCal Rally, Lodi
  • May                            5/6 thru 5/9                   Flag City, Lodi
  • June                            6/17 thru 6/21                Casa De Fruta
  • July                             7/15 thru 7/19                 Jackson Rancheria RV Park
  • August                      8/12 thru 8/16                Pismo Sands, PismoBeach
  • September             9/17 thru 9/21                Sugar Barge, S. J. Delta
  • October                  10/14 thru 10/18           Durango, Red Bluff
  • November            Thanksgiving                                   TBA
  • December             Christmas Luncheon                   TBA