Directors Blog - October

Our Communications Line, eMails

We at NorCal are attempting to make significant changes to the annual Rally in an effort to increase our attendance numbers.  A questionnaire was sent to all of our Chapters with the request that it be forwarded from the Chapter Presidents and Secretaries to the general membership of each chapter.  We use this method, as it is decidedly easier for NorCal to send email information to the chapter Presidents and Secretaries by maintaining a smaller email mailing list, and then requesting those officers to forward the information to their members by using their email mailing list. The data base used by NorCal, and the Presidents and Secretaries, is believed to be less likely to harbor email address errors and applies a reasonable assurance that the information that we are trying  to share is being provided at a nearly a 100% success rate.  In the event that the chapter members believe that they are not being afforded information from NorCal, then we are in hopes that they will refer to this website for updated information.  Every effort will be made to keep this 'Blog' page current, and it is in hopes that the Presidents and Secretaries will continue to forward information, as requested, and not rely upon this website to do the job for them. 


With reference to the Rally, the questionnaire revealed that many of you would like to see the Rally at a new location.  Based upon those results, we are considering moving from the current location in Lodi, to a new location, possibly Casa DeFruta RV Resort near Hollister.  We have been in contact with this venue and have found them to be very receptive to our needs.  We will present to the State Committee, at the October meeting, our findings, both positive and negative, concerning this possible site.  The onus will be put upon the State Committee to make this decision.

There was a follow-up questionnaire that was sent to the chapters, concerning the Rally format, types of games that you would want to see, and the kind/type  of entertainment.  This survey met with very little input from the membership.  However, based upon the responses to the original questionnaire, we will attempt to incorporate as many changes as we can, with having your enjoyment in mind, as our priority.  We are always open to suggestions, so feel free to forward those to either your Assistant Directors or myself.  


Stay tuned, we will know more after the State Committee Meeting in October.  Also, please remember to make an effort to provide your old coats, in good repair and clean, as donations during our annual coat drive for the needy.  Provide these items to your chapter President or his/her delegate to bring to the October SCM.  

Thank you

Directors Blog - November

Change of Location of the Annual State Rally, and Need for Volunteer Helpers

The October State Committee Meeting met with the Committee voting to make a major change for the annual NorCal Rally, specifically the location.  It has been decided unanimously to move the Rally to Casa DeFruta RV Park outside of Hollister, Ca.  This means saying good-bye to an old friend, that being the Lodi Grape Festival fairgrounds, which has served us fairly well for the last several years.

It was decided that the Rally needed a new venue, a change of scenery, and hopefully a jump start to bring new interest into a fun event.  The only concern of the Committee is if we can generate enough interest to bring in new volunteer helpers to assist in staging this event.  To address these concerns, it was pointed out that we can eliminate some of the problem areas that we have had in the past, namely parking.  Because this is a RV Resort that has marked parking spots, we can dispose of the parking staff.  This is just one area that we will not need help from volunteers. We are working on other areas as well, and have sent out a sign-up sheet to all chapter Presidents and Secretaries to provide to their respective chapter members. The response to these sign-up forms  is crucial for us to determine if we can have enough people step-up and help by volunteering for the positions in need.  However, if we do not have a sufficient amount of vounteer helpers, we will reluctantly have to cancel the annual State Rally.  

The new location promises to make this a great Rally.  With your help we can make it a go, and a success.  Please consider to be a volunteer helper and return the sign-up sheets before November 15th.